New YA Titles

“The Gilded Cage”, Lucinda Gray

Gothic novel filled with history, suspense and murder.

“Three Hundred Truths and a Lie”, Brent Hartinger

Not everyone will live to find out which is the lie.

“Life Before”, Michelle Bacon

Skipping town and assuming a new identitiy-will it work?

“What the Dead Want”, Nora Olson

A love of photography, an old camera and countless questions.

“The Darkest Hour”. Caroline Richmond

World War II and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

“Merciless II”, Danielle Vega

Is there evil in all of us?

“The Smaller Evil”, Stephanie Kuehn

Sometimes, the greater good requires the smaller evil.

“All We Have Left”, Wendy Mills

Hatred and love have the power to reverberate far into the future.

“The Translation of Love”, Lynne Kutsukake

Post war Japan , a repatriated girl tries to find a missing friend.

“Signs of You”, Emily France

Missing relics, missing friends, visions-what’s real?

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