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Kinnelon Library Technology



3D Printing

We have a LulzBot TAZ 5 3D Printer installed at the Information Desk!  The cost of printing is currently $0.05 per gram of filament used to create models, and $0.50 per hour that a given model takes on the printing bed. The total cost is rounded up to the nearest nickel. Most models, even big ones, are very inexpensive – the average cost to patrons who have had custom prints done here is about $3.50. If you would like something printed please call the library at 973-838-1321 for more information.

Borrowable Technology

Portable LED Projector

We have purchased a portable LED projector about the size of a (one-inch tall) wallet. This item is available to be borrowed by Kinnelon Library cardholders! Inquire at the front circulation desk.

Tech Support

Tech Support

Our staff is trained on all of our digital offerings and can assist you. If you need any help, please call the library at 973-838-1321 to make an appointment with the Technologist.