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The Kinnelon Library is the educational, informational and cultural center of our community. The Library is not only used by Kinnelon residents, but also by hundreds of non-Kinnelon individuals who take advantage of and benefit from the many programs provided through the Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) as well as the Friends cultural activities and the use of the Library’s many services.

This year alone, more than 400 non-Kinnelon students from over 30 surrounding communities will have participated in the CLL Program. The strength of the Friends of the Kinnelon Library is in our members, whose belief in the Library’s importance prompts them to support the Library, both financially and as volunteers.

Very simply, it takes money to have a Library. The financial support of the Friends and CLL is vital. It is essential to ensure that the library continues to flourish and expand its resources and provide the facilities to meet the needs of the 3,700 Kinnelon households and programs like CLL that are open to everyone regardless of where they live.

For 2014, the Friends and CLL have committed to funding over $60,000. Every dollar of this funding is invested into programs and services that would be difficult to support at the present level without Friends and CLL financial support. Where does this money come from? Friends memberships and other fundraisers. Everyone can be a Friend and every Friend counts! Become a member today and support the Friends in 2014!

Few things are as simple as joining the Friends. Just click on the links below to complete the membership donation form or the volunteer form. Then print and mail them along with your donation to:

Kinnelon Public Library
C/O Friends of the Kinnelon Library
132 Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ 07405

Contact the Friends: call 973-838-1321 or email

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