Forever In Stone

What a great idea for a lasting gift, a remembrance, a part of history and forever engraved in the Kinnelon Library’s walkway …


  • Recognize a special occasion, person, group or time
  • You will have a permanent, personal remembrance in this significant community asset … your library
  • Multiple paver purchases may be grouped together
  • Each 4” X 8” paver provides space for up to 3 lines of 13 characters each, including spaces and punctuation
  • Every paver purchased benefits the library
  • Tax Deductible!

Click to print Paver Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

Must payment accompany each order?
Yes, otherwise the order will not be accepted
Can I apply for a refund?
Once an order is accepted there are no refunds
Where will the engraved pavers be placed?
We are paving the entire library walkway with pavers from the front entrance to the new side entrance. Engraved      pavers will be inserted at random starting with the library entrances.
Who will determine placement of the engraved pavers?
The program administrators. Orders will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
What about family groupings?
Placement will be determined by the program administrators. The purchaser will be contacted if necessary.
Will my order be acknowledged?
Yes, so you have a record for tax purposes and of what you submitted.
When will I see my paver in the walkway?
The process requires us to accumulate orders for the engraver. As a result, it could be 90 days before they are               placed. Weather is also a scheduling consideration.
Will you notify me when the paver(s) are installed?
This will be difficult to do on an individual basis. However, information will be posted in the library and included      in the Library’s quarterly Bookmarks publication.
What is the engraving process?
Each letter is 3/4” in size. After the message is engraved, the letters are filled with an environmentally protective        compound that seals the engraving.
Why are the Friends sponsoring and funding this program?
To raise funds for the library while enhancing the appearance of the library and at the same time enabling you to        have a permanent, visible remembrance as part of the library.
If I have additional questions, whom should I contact?
Please call the Kinnelon Library at 973-838-1321 and leave a message, c/o the Friends of the Library. You will be       contacted as soon as possible. Order forms are always available at the Library and on the Library website.


PRINT OR TYPE YOUR MESSAGE CLEARLY. Your message can consist of up to 13 characters per line including spaces and punctuation. If needed an ‘&’ can be used in place of the word ‘and’. Please see example below.


Click to print Paver Application Form

For More Information call 973-8.8-1321 or email

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